These tools can be utilized to do a systematic assessment on the potential of employees. The tools can also be utilized in training and recruitment exercise.

360 degree feedback survey

360° Feedback

A competency based process that gathers structured feedback from a number of sources (Boss, Peers, Subordinates & Self) about the performance of an individual or team. Report can be used for succession planning. manpower planning and can be tied back to your appraisal system

MBTI myer briggs personality test

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

A useful instrument in analyzing personality type, with possible indications of work preferences and tendencies of individuals.

chally assessment talent selection


Chally is a predictive assessment that helps organizations increase productivity and effectiveness. This is the only tool that has a single assessment that is predicatively accurate for talent selection, alignment and development.

profile xt

Profile XT

Profile XT is the most technologically advanced, state-of –the-art system available today for measuring human potential & predicting job performance

  • Thinking & reasoning Styles

  • Occupational Interest

  • Behavioral Traits

DiSC profiling

DiSC Profiling

DISC Profiling Instrument to help you understand the strengths and challenges of your behavioral style. Assist you with career planning, goal setting, making decisions, time management &social interactions and more! 


How do you land your dreamjob? And don’t we all aspire and wish to attain that and be successful in it. One of the first problems is clearing away a lot of the obstacles that comes with the job tasks and expectations. Profile XT can be used to assist in doing this.

Profile XT is an American-based profiling assessment tool, which measures a candidate in totality which works with the theory of “Right Person, Right Job”,  such as after which the generated profile can be matched against a customized job pattern.

Profile XT primarily asks and answers 3 questions of a candidate(s) for a job position:
1. Can he/she do the job? – Thinking and Reasoning Style
2. Will he/she do the job as desired? – Behavioral Traits
3. Will he/she want to do the job? – Occupational Interests

By answering these questions in relation to your position’s customized requirements, you can target for the best possible fit or identify the key gaps to be addressed for training.

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Simulation Gamification
Simulation Gamification



•    CELEMI’s “The Power of Learning” methodology was first developed in 1985 and has successfully been used for the implementation of new strategies, operational efficiency, change programs etc.

•    To unleash the Power of Learning, we recreate a spontaneous learning process, using the power to learn within every human. When designing our learning solutions, we benefit from inner motivators that trigger people to learn.

•    The Power of Learning involves learning through scenarios and storylines. Participants are faced with challenges relevant for their business realities. By taking part in our solutions, participants get an opportunity to try, fail, and learn from mistakes. Hence, they develop a deeper understanding of business decisions and their consequences, relating to their businesses while experiencing serious fun!


CPTI – R is an assessment which analyzes and measures traits, a candidate’s profile can be generated that provides a snapshot of their suitability for a leadership position in your organization.

A key feature of this assessment is the customization of the traits to be assessed, such that it can be aligned with your organization’s corporate competency model. When the leaders themselves become the ambassadors of the corporate culture, then the vision and mission of the organization will be materialized.

Culture is defined by the chosen behaviors of the people in your organization – ensure you are developing the right leaders who will drive your desired corporate culture!


This engaging tool is created to provide an experiential learning environment for participants to create realistic scenarios and develop practical solutions.

This is a simulation tool focused on developing leadership skills, managing choppy waters and handling occasionally difficult relationships, all the while ensuring a healthy bottom line. These challenges eventually push them to innovate and achieve sustainability.

Participants are divided into separate companies that will produce actual physical notebooks for sale, and must navigate a world of increasing costs, demanding customers and opaque forecasts. Core competencies achieved will be cooperation and teamwork, team cohesion, business finance, forecasting and planning and strategic development.

teambuilding gamification malaysia asia


In this exciting programme, participants will develop a supercar that can perform at any task. Groups will be directed to manage their budget and time to assemble a working prototype that can excel at three different types of races.

The project managers will need to manage the key stakeholder’s expectations, ensure adequate testing opportunities and most importantly, keep the entire project within budget guidelines. Some of the learning points gathered are Leadership, Communication, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving.

teambuilding gamification


A breakthrough in traditional training methods, Lego Serious Play is not simply “child’s play”, Challenge your participants to truly embrace innovative and creative thinking while addressing challenges given through the ever familiar building blocks of imagination.

This experiential learning programme exposes participants to Strategy Development & Exploration, Organizational Development; Innovative Thinking and Change Management.

corporate training malaysia
corporate training malaysia
corporate training
teambuilding malaysia


Another innovative game layer to learning is the Airplane Contract. Participants are challenged to assemble an actual workable, flight-capable airplane while adhering to a given budget of materials and time.

An incredible challenge in logical thinking, forward planning and teamwork, this simulation provides immediate feedback on participants’ capabilities to perform under tight constraints.

airplane teambuilding malaysia