CELEMI Business Simulation

Celemi's ready-made business simulations and custom solutions recreate corporate challenges and situations so people have a chance to test skills and explore new concepts in a realistic, relaxed, hands-on environment.

i) Celemi Decision Base

“Making key people understand how and why their decisions influence the entire organization.”

Six capital-intensive companies are competing for customers in a highly competitive, rapidly changing marketplace. Participants take on the role of the management team – comprised of finance, production, marketing and corporate intelligence. Their challenge is to make the right investments at the right time – and to get the required return.

ii) Apples and Oranges

“Invite people to think like business owners – so they can base their future decisions on sound business thinking.”


Celemi Apples & Oranges® brings financial statements to life through its simple, profound model of a company. Participants form the incoming management team of A&O Inc. – an established company that is facing some tough challenges. The company is losing market share and there are increasing demands from suppliers and customers. A&O Inc. needs a new, disciplined financial strategy. Teams learn how to monitor cash flow, make resource utilization improvements, and measure results in the balance sheet and income statement.

iii) Celemi Enterprise

It is a major challenge to get your people behind your strategy in a rapidly changing marketplace. In the Celemi Enterprise simulation, six teams will have to think strategically and deal with uncertainties. They will have to balance short-term results with long-term value, building and fining a brand which is attractive to their target market segment. 
Over an 8-year simulation period, participants will intimately explore the factors which influence the Branding & Reputation of a company, and the immense potential impact of a strong brand on the bottom line.



CELEMI Business Simulation

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