By using our HR consultancy services you have immediate access to expert, business focused advice on HR and employment matters whenever you need it. We will guide you through every step of managing the employment relationship, and can act either as a fully outsourced HR department, or an additional resource to your existing HR team.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

EAP provides a valued employee benefit and build a more stable, efficient work force. Management is also able to project a caring image that is interested in the welfare of their staff. At PDC, the EAP is handled by highly qualified industrial Psychologists.

  • Counselling Sessions

  • Consultation on Career Development

  • Building Mental Resilience

  • Life in Balance: Stress Management

HR Support Services

With our intention of providing value-added services to our clients, PDC also offers and intensive range of Human Resource Support Services to organizations.

  • Employee Engagement/Relations

  • Career Development Programme

  • Performance Enhancement Programme

  • Job Description

  • Manpower Rationalization

  • Team Building/ Values Building


We employ our expertise in doing objective analysis of accumulated data with reference to the unique situations that our clients experience at their respective workplace.


  • Employee Opinion Survey

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Mystery Shopping Survey