The Emotional Intelligence program is about the distinct combination of emotional, personal and interpersonal skills and competencies that influence your ability to succeed with the demands and pressures of work and life. This program gives an insight on how to tremendously increase your leadership capacity and overall performance by understanding yourself, your goals, intentions, responses, behavior and understanding others and their feelings.

The 4 Key Concepts of Emotional Intelligence

The Top 10 Emotionally Intelligent CEO’s

  • Harnessing the power of emotions in both our work and personal lives

  • How to avoid emotional hijacking and flooding

  • 5 tips to increase your self awareness

  • Understanding the self in social relationships

  • The 5 steps to emotional management

  • 10 steps on how to improve your self esteem

  • Key elements of an EI team

  • Developing social intelligence

  • Awareness of others’ feelings, needs and concerns

  • Understanding and re-writing your Life Script

Adapting to the changing circumstances of today will require much more than just IQ – let us help you in developing your employees with the right motivation, curiosity, insight, engagement and determination through Emotional Intelligence!


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