"Great leaders" it is said, "get extraordinary things done in organizations by inspiring and motivating others towards a common purpose."  We believe that leadership is the capacity to influence others to act.  During the process of training, we aspire to build and integrate aspiring leaders who are confident and empowered to handle the new and challenging changes in the organization and the industry.

Course Highlight

  • Leadership Dimension

  • Understanding Your Position

  • Delegation and Empowerment

  • Techniques of successful delegation

  • Working with Others

  • Gaining Their Commitment to Change

  • Motivating Yourself And Others

  • Attitudes And Success



CELEMI Business Simulation

Budiman : The Virtue and Personality of Impactful People

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Stress Proof Your Life a Cognitive Approach

Coaching and Mentoring

Leading Different Generations

Become A Super Employee

Team Building : Leading 

High-Performing Team