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Engagement with HRDCorp CEO, Datuk Shahul Dawood

Engagement Session: Malaysian Bumiputera Training Providers Association (MBTA) with CEO of HRD Corp, Datuk Shahul Dawood on 21st March 2024.

It was indeed a fruitful and insightful meeting where we had an open and impactful discussion on various matters.

The discussions will pave the way for strategic alliance towards future skills workforce development. Moving forward MBTA will provide our honest and open opinion in any new policies of HRDCorp. MBTA will also support and contribute to the success of the upcoming NTW.

We will work closely with HRDCorp to improve further the trainers and TP’s landscape moving beyond the 2 days training format to lifelong development. We are confident that the collaboration between us will bring us to greater heights.

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