In today’s lifestyle, stress is at its highest level and we may not even realize it. We want to do more with our lives than merely cope with overwhelming cost of ever-mounting stress. We are seeking new and effective ways of taking control of our lives, preventing diseases, and enhancing our health. Our stress management experts recognize the fact that participants possess different learning ability, therefore our highly experienced trainers employ appropriate competency methods to help participants learn

  • General Stress Adaptation Syndrome

  • Identifying Signs Of Stress

  • Relationship Between Stress And Job Performance

  • Stress Management Skills

  • Burnout Diagnostics Assessment*

  • Stress Coping Techniques Customized Approach Of Organizational Stress-solving

Course Highlight



CELEMI Business Simulation

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Coaching and Mentoring

Become A Super Employee

Budiman  : The Virtue and Personality of Impactful People

Stress Proof Your Life a Cognitive Approach

Leading Different Generations

Team Building : Leading 

High-Performing Team

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