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POV Series: Back To Work

The COVID 19 outbreak has forced people to familiarize themselves with the unconventional way of working, which is working from home. Recently, Minister of Defence Malaysia, YB Dato’ Ismail Sabri dropped a bombshell when he announced that employees are now allowed to return back to work at the office commencing 1st April, 21. There were lots of questions and worries.

Coming back to the office makes everyone wonder whether returning back to work at the office will affect the process flow of one’s organization? What are the challenges that the employees need to cope with, while working from home and most importantly would the return to the workplace leave a positive or negative impact on employees? On top of that, we also need to take account the implications from the health perspectives.

In this video, psychotherapist, Azman Shah will share his inside scoop regarding this matter. As everyone is getting used to going back to the office , it can be hard to adjust and stay motivated .In the first video of our POV Series , find out more about the issue of Getting back to work in the office. Are u people ready or not?

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