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Someone who inspires me

I know that you are wondering why I am penning my thoughts about Azman. A creature name fate brought us together some odds 20 years ago and marked the beginning of my career journey in the Learning and Development field.

HOW he inspires people and me, well if you are emotionally smart, have high empathy and aware of others emotions you would be able to touch people hearts and senses. My Ace Boon Azman that’s how you inspired me by believing in me more than I believed in me and you made me believed in me. When people attend your seminar, people get excited about how they can make changes in their life. In the classroom when you deliver your materials you made as if even walls, chairs and table have feelings too. You inspired me by always putting yourself in the state of excellence before each presentation, look professional and presentable, totally relaxed. When clients meet PDC and Azman, they know they will get results.

Azman inspired and help to build up my career in the soft part of Human Resources. He patiently taught, coached, and mentored me, not only intellectually also emotionally.

As a Result of his coaching and mentoring I am fully aware of my purpose on this earth on how The Almighty Creator have planned it; is to inspire, encourage, share experiences, guide, mentor, coach, teach others through the talents that I already have in me.

Though I parted my wings from PDC years ago I feel that I grew up with PDC and Azman.

We wish Pn Zuraina a successful career ahead.







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