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Someone who inspires me.

Updated: May 18, 2021

Here Dr Siti Hadija Mohd shared her experiences on how En Azman has influenced her life and career.

"En. Azman believed in me when many was questioning me why would a Biomedical grad do a PhD in History and work in a consultant/training company.

In fact, I was questioning myself, too: How am I going to design/deliver management and leadership programs when I've never had any corporate training (at that point in time).

En.Azman patiently taught, coached and mentored me, not only intellectually (the Sharp skills) but also emotionally (the Smart skills). More importantly, even on the roughest days, he kept his cool and his emotional maturity, and he dealt with me and the business with the utmost respect and care.

He also put me on the map by trusting me to run programs with FGV, Malakoff, Tabung Haji and Sedania Innovator to name a few. In a world of men, where in many occassions no one would ask the opinion of that young female person in any meeting at all, En.Azman ensured not only I received equal airtime but to also lead many meetings/presentations. These occasions definitely empowered and convinced me that I am an equal contributor in this, mostly patriarchal, world.

In my current job, everyday I thank the Creator for allowing me the experience in PDC and the journey with En.Azman. There's so much that I am able to bring to the table now because of those couple of amazing, educative and nurturing years working with PDC and with En.Azman."

PDC wishes Dr Hadija to walk on the brightest path and may success follow her along the way.

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