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Someone who inspires me

Here En. Adi Kamal shared his experiences on how En Azman has influenced his life and career.


Azman took me into PDC as he believes that every individual has the potential to succeed, and with his guidance, he helped me realise my interest in psychology. He persuaded me to further my studies while working at PDC. It wasn't easy to juggle both studying and working at the same time, but he supported me during my tenure at the company.

As an Emotional Intelligence practitioner and trainer, Azman thought me a lot about being a person with confidence but at the same time being respectful to others. I am grateful for that and it helped me in applying it to life as well as in the corporate world.

Azman has always been very supportive throughout my time at PDC, and always reminds me by saying "You are better than you think you are”, a simple phrase that heightens self-confidence and makes you believe in yourself in becoming a better person.

A brother, friend and mentor, Azman is always open to talking about life and anything in particular, he makes you feel like you can share almost everything and can count on his valuable insights and advice.



We wish En. Adi Kamal a successful career ahead.

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